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Beauty, Travel / 13.09.2015

I'm sure you know this - you are enjoying a great time somewhere and relate this moment to a certain scent that you encountered. This happened to me while I was enjoying my beautiful Mallorca holiday. I have been sent over a a fragrance called Seaside by Toni Guard and I loved it even before I smelled it just because of the name of course! But the fragrance really justifies the name! It's such a refreshing scent with a hint of citrus and just like the nameĀ hints on it does smell of the beach and ocean. This fragrance has become...

Fashion / 25.12.2014

I have been featured on Emma Joy last week and presented their new and very festive jewellery collection. Emma Joy do beautiful and affordable jewellery lines. My favourite item is the little arrow midi-ring that you can see above. Check out the full collection below and see the beautiful photos that Clementine took of me.     This week, we decided to take our fashion journey overseas! We came across Tanja, from the blog Seaside Glamour. She currently lives in Germany, lived in London for school, and even worked in a corporate job at Abercrombie & Fitch back in the day. Now she's...