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Fashion / 08.11.2015

First of all, I think I found my new favourite shooting location. This car park literally had so many good spots to take photos at, it is unbelieveable. This time my beautiful Mama took my photos and I really think she's a pro. She constantly screamed to warn me that there was a car coming when this car was actually super far away to not even take the lane we were taking photos on. So I guess you can imagine the fun we were having! When I was living in the UK I first heard of the brand Lipsy, but not...

Fashion, WE ARE 180 / 25.10.2015

One thing I love about fall season are the warm colours and I tend to get obsessed with one every year. Last year it was mustard yellow I fell for and this year it's bordeaux. I wear it combining shoes in the same colour or a bag, or one key piece like this new volant dress from H&M. This one is special because you can actually wear it as a dress or as a longer blouse/ tunic. It looks absolutely lovely when pairing it with leggings and overknees or with bright blue jeans to make it more bohemian. I can definitely cross "get...