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Beauty / 12.07.2015

I will start doing more beauty related posts because I have quite a few of you asking me about the products I use via Instagram and Snapchat (@seaside_glamour).  So I thought I'll begin with my three favourite products at the moment. 1. Lancôme - Hypnôse Volume À Porter Mascara This mascara is the newest in the Lancôme collection and I can tell you one thing, it's not as easy as it seems to find a really good mascara! I am switching quite often just because I feel with mascaras it's always good to try new ones to discover even better ones. This...

Fashion, WE ARE 180 / 19.10.2014

What do you do on a sunny day in October? You go out and take some beautiful 60s inspired pictures with a borrowed vintage bag from your best friend who also happens to be your blog partner in crime. That's what Clementine and I did and the result is just below. Outfit wise we went for a girly and sweet Chanel inspired look. This is how easy it goes: Grab a cream and sequined mini skirt, pair it with a black loosely fitted jumper and put on those chunky 60s boots that look like you just nicked them off Brigitte Bardot...