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Fashion / 22.07.2016

Hello beauties, I am super proud to announce that I am a Mink Pink Babe! The Australian fashion brand is super cool and combines the newest trends from boho-inspired looks to casual beach wear. I absolutely adore them because you can get stylish and affordable pieces. Today's look is from my vaca in Egypt and i am wearing the "New Romantics Shirt Dress" from the current collection. I love combining it to shorts by tying it up or as a dress wearing it over my bikini like you see here. Off to the beach now and I'm sure I do not have to...

Fashion / 12.07.2016

First of all - paisley patterns are ace! Second: two piece combos are just amazing. Can you spot a pattern? Exactly, I love this look cause it ticks all my boxes. I wore this look for my birthday a few weeks ago and so many people asked me where it's from. Let me reveal this secret once and for all: it's by MINK PINK! xoxo Shop the Look: Two piece combo - here Bag by Chloe - here ...