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WE ARE 180 / 09.10.2014

Hey lovelies, we have finally reached the last destination on our fashion week tour through London. And it's last but not least at all Camden Town or to be more specific Camden Market. If you are in London Camden is a must! It is an adjoining of large retail markets and is the place to be on a weekend in London. Freaky, cool, extraordinary and alternative are the attributes that pop into my mind immediately. When I used to live here, we'd go to Camden Market a lot on Sundays just to sit near the canal and have a coffee after...

WE ARE 180 / 05.10.2014

Alright people, it's time for Notting Hill! I'm guessing everyone can remember Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts kissing in front of the house with the blue door so you should have heard of Notting Hill before. For all of you who did not yet have the pleasure to walk trough the area with all its pastel coloured doors in baby blue, pink, purple, yellow and any other colour of the rainbow and the various little antique and vintage shops, we created this look (but of course all of you London insiders are allowed to spy out this outfit as well ;) ) On the...