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Fashion / 17.05.2015

As I was Special Guest Blogger at the All Blog Everything Event hosted by my gorgeous friend and amazing Blogger Somegoodspirits in April, I spent a great evening and got to meet so many lovely people. One of them being Fabian, a blogger himself and also very talented photographer and we have been busy bees and took some photos the day after the event. It is always really exciting to meet other blogger and get to know how they work and just exchanging and giving advice. Anyways I was really happy with the outcome and hope to work and see Fabian very...

Fashion / 23.10.2014

I am not going to dive into all the - summer is over and it is autumn - conversations, but I am going to dive into the topic of  "what do I wear when it is cold in the mornings, warmer later in the day, but I still wanna look put together and feel all cosy and casual" kind of problem. Because that's exactly what I am experiencing at the moment. So I will present you two autumn looks with lovely items from EDITED that are versatile and perfect for this time of the year. So for these two looks (the...