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Summer to me means so many things: flowers, colours, patterns – you name it. Gotta love this time of the year. I bought this vibrant dress a few years ago on my first visit to New York City back in 2008. My mum found it at this little store in Soho and it was only 14$ – what a great bargain. Ever since this dress is my „happy-go-lucky“ dress in the summer. I always wear it on special occasions or just when I’m on holiday. It simply makes me feel happy! And so does my beautiful friend Clementine, who is not only my best friend but someone who inspires me on so many levels. Be it fashion, home decor or just simply the conversations we have that I highly value. On top of all this she is a professional fashion photographer who takes amazing photos that you can check out here. She also took a few of the photos that you can see on my blog like the Autumn Photoshoot series. xx






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