SeasideGlamour | Third Stop: Abbey Road and an inspired 70s style
Our third stop during London Fashion Week was famous Abbey Road to shoot a 70s inspired look for you featuring a bold jacket from Miss Selfridge, leather pants from Zara and big, sexy hair á la Brigitte Bardot.
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It is probably the world’s most famous zebra crossing even though it is rather unimpressive if you stand right in front of it. The little zebra crossing on Abbey Road. The very one where The Beatles used to cross over for their eleventh album cover in 1969.

When we first arrived, Clementine and me weren’t even sure if we were at the right junction. It was only then, that we realized that quite a few people crossing the road were taking photos while goofing around and that the crossing was rather busy for midday, that we were right. It didn’t take long for us to realize that shooting here might become a little problematic given the tourists and the busy traffic. Unlike when the Beatles shot their cover and the police of course held back traffic for them, which would have been very handy  for us – we had to make do with traffic!

We still didn’t give up and took many nice shots for you around the area next to the famous Abbey Road Studios and of course in front of the iconic Abbey Road street sign. The outfit we put together for this part of London just had to scream 70s and I think we did a pretty good job!

I immediately fell in love with the dainty but bolt patterned kimono style jacket from Miss Selfridge. I have to admit though that on the hanger in store it looked a little like a hanging carpet but put on it just looked great. We paired it with a silky top in navy blue and Zara leather pants in a warm brown that have already become my favourite item for fall season this year. Clementine’s bold statement necklace with flowery details added perfectly to the theme. Shoe wise we decided to keep it classic and went for open peep toe boots in navy blue as well. In terms of hair and makeup we went for big wavy hair, a classic 60s inspired winged eye and rosey pink coloured lips à la Brigitte Bardot.

But enough talk for now, just check out  our  take on what to wear on Abbey Road below! Oh and scroll down to the end for some „backstage“ outtakes while we created this look for you!

Tanja xx

Tanja on Abbey Road seasideglamour

Abbey Road Tanja seasideglamour

Abbey Road Tanja Henkel London



Abbey Road details



Jacket by Miss Selfridge (similar here)
Top by Bershka (similar here)
Leather pants by Zara (similar here)
Necklace by Hallhuber (similar here)

Check out our backstage material from our shooting on Abbey Road below…

We always have so much fun while taking photos for the blog and even though we are already taking so much photos we still take quite a few selfies – don’t you worry about that one! 😀




The next snap by the way proves just how busy the zebra crossing on Abbey Road really is – no way could we have properly taken photos there without risking our lifes or being taking to jail for stopping traffic! 😉


After the hard work it was lunch time! So I took Clementine to one of my favourite lunch places in London on Baker Street called Natural Kitchen. They do amazing veggie burgers and the smoothies are delicious! And yes we did eat the whole burger 🙂



After we filled our tummies we used the close distance from Baker to Oxford Street as an excuse and went shopping. So here are a few insights on how we managed to carry our massive bags 🙂



And last but not least it is time to reveal our fourth stop, and believe me we were looking very hard for that blue famous door… (and Hugh Grant…) Notting Hill!

  • Amanda
    Posted at 12:57h, 05 Oktober Antworten

    Wow 🙂 Amazing!!!!

    • SeasideGlamour
      Posted at 13:01h, 05 Oktober Antworten

      Thank you so much! <3

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