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So I used to have my own radio show for over 5 years while I was still in school and continued this on while I was at University in Nottingham. I have a very distinct music taste so my weekly live show concentrated on electro-pop and indie music. I can listen to anything that has a nice melodic, magical beat. The importance here being the word melodic and beat – ok and magical! I just noticed how difficult it is to write about music. But I will keep on trying…

So basically a song, or an album needs to captivate me in some way and the one thing I find that all my playlists have in common is that I feel each and every single song is just very melodic and always has some electronic element in it. Music in general plays an integral part in my life, due to my work at the radio and because I am a very emotional person and I connect melodies and songs to situations and moments of my life. I wake up and listen to music and I go to bed with my headphones on. Since this is not merely a fashion blog but just as much a lifestyle hub, I thought I could incorporate my favourite songs, playlists, artists just anything musical that currently inspires me and that I feel I should share with you guys. So I am starting off with a „song of the day“ post about a new and upcoming Stockholm-based electro-pop group that I just discovered the other day using Spotify’s discovery section that matches new artists to whatever you were listening to before. I’m talking about Kate Boy! So here it is – I’m sharing their official video „The way we are“ with you, which I think is such a cool song with an enticing electronic beat – makes me wanna dance straight away. Loving the vid too – black and white just always seems to work out too, very artsy and indie-like. Love this!

Kate Boy – The way we are

I’m on Spotify too – so you can follow me there 🙂

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