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Meet my new Kerbholz shades. Sustainable design - shades made out of organic materials like ebony wood. I absolutely fell in love with them and they are my favourite pair this summer.
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Meet my Kerbholz

This truly has become my favourite pair of sunglasses over the past few weeks. These shades by Kerbholz are so classy and I could tell they were made with love right from the beginning. They came in a little triangular shaped box and there was a little welcoming text explaining that they’re made out of wooden material.

I chose the Alfons Havanna pair which is made out of mat acetate and ebony wood. The look is very 70s heavy but I absolutely adore anything hippie and bohemian like so I had to get this pair. They are currently on sale so make sure to get your pair here.

Kerbholz is all about sustainability and they donate to PrimaKlima E.V. with every sold product. I think that’s a great way to raise awareness about environmentally friendly design and makes me wear these sunnies even more.

I took them to my recent trip to Mallorca and Clementine was kind of enough to take these lovely photos of me and my Kerbholz!

Enjoy xx







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