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Let’s recall the fashion week madness

Berlin calling! Fashion week means busy times, running from show to show and blogger lounge to blogger lounge and while I was at it I threw in some more meetings at the Panorama exhibition. However my week started off with a stomach flu and fever, which made me miss the very anticipated Kilian Kerner show on Wednesday – what a shame… Nevertheless I was able to see one of my favourite italian designer: Dimitri. And he really pulled it off again with his new collection reminding of the 70s with lots of glittery and golden pieces mixed with different textures and including lots of leather pieces. Black, beige and taupe have been dominating colours.

The show itself was amazing! I do not know what it is about Dimitri but in all the shows I’ve seen so far (I think this was the fourth) I have always been blown away by the designers choice of music! I just adore anything electronic and this time the show featured pieces by Röyksopp and Goapele! I was in awe… and dancing away with Romy form rominatheone with whom I spent the day. We met at the fashion tent, took some pictures on the red carpet and went off to get a little fresh-up at the Maybelline lounge.

I wore a pretty statement necklace by Filini Collection, who happened to partner up with Guido Maria Kretschmer and sponsored all jewellery for his show. The necklace I wore was a black statement piece with elegant fringes and complimented my black Zara dress that I paired with my fave leather leggings from Calzedonia. I don’t think any other piece has been featured more on my blog! Make sure to check out the whole Filini Collection here.

Of course fashion week is also a time of meeting all other beautiful blogger girls and so I finally got to see beau Janina from Love and Urban, and Doro from Coverstories! Janina often wears sneakers to her lovely outfits and I just got so insipired that I couldn’t resist and shopped new Adidas Superstars! I used to have a pair when I was 15 back in the days and so it feels so nostalgic to own them again – this time I went for the snake leather imitation though!


















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