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Lace & Whiskey on a Saturday

Good morning and happy easter lovely people,

it took me a while for my latest blog post but I have an excuse. Being really busy working on upcoming projects as well as moving into my new home (blog post coming soon) I had quite a lot on my plate. One of the reasons I am starting into this long easter weekend very laid back in my pyjama pants and on my couch writing this blog post for you.

With the weather having been so mixed up the last days the outfit by Lace & Whiskey (beautiful bohemian inspired brand)is just perfect. I am absolutely in love with this dress, the pattern is retro inspired and very classy in all kinds of grey. Paired with this lovely chunky cardigan (Clementine’s mom made it, she definitely knows how to knit!) the outfit is totally wearable during the day. I decided to finally wear my oversized hat as well – and I have to admit: they may look nice but they are not very handy…

Lace & Whiskey

What I love about Lace & Whiskey dresses is that they dress modern bohemians. That is how they describe their fashion themselves and I find it very true. If you pull the full bohemian look here in Germany people will definitely be like: „Is she going to carnival?!“ But the way Lace & Whiskey does it is incorporating boho elements in a very classy and sophisticated way. It is easy to find statement pieces that go well with your basic items but add an edgy note to your outfit. They combine city-chic and laid back bohemian comfort and bring the free spirit vibe of the west coast to anyone who wants to engage that! I love it.








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