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Quite a few people have asked me for my daily hair routine, so I thought I give it a go and explain the different steps as detailed as I can.

I’m also really happy for any comments or recommendations as to what you guys would like to see on my blog – so make sure you follow me on Facebook, send me a message or mail with your thoughts on what you would like to read! 🙂

So here we go:

First of all, it is important to mention that I am one of the unlucky ones to have to wash my hair everyday so it looks volumized and shiny. I try and wash it every other day though to give my hair a break. If I do manage to do this I always use my favourite dry shampoo by TIGI Catwalk to be able to leave my house not looking like a greasy monster. I love the smell of this dry shampoo! I could literally use it just because of the fragrance. It also just does the job done without leaving a white residue on your roots like other dry shampoos do (believe me I have tried a few).

Now on to the daily routine starting off by washing my hair in the shower (of course, where else…) – I try and switch shampoo and conditioner every other month and I usually switch between two different series by TIGI. I’m currently using a shampoo by John Frieda (luxurious volume) and a conditioner/mask from Syoss (Keratin) – purely out of travel size reason. I cannot live without conditioner and a hair mask once week. So I always have to have at least one of them. The Syoss mask really surprised me, it left my hair feeling so soft and silky that I was convinced after the first usage. AND the fragrance is just so nice. You may already have noticed smell is a strong point for me when it comes to making purchase decisions.

Before I dry my hair using a round brush from TIGI I use my tangle teezer to comb through the wet hair, while working in a small amount of the Unique One leave in conditioner. I already mentioned it in my beauty picks of the day post – in case you want some more info on that click here.

As a final step after I dry my hair I usually use my straightening ion to smooth the ends and give them a nice curl, finishing it all off with hair and shine spray by TIGI Catwalk – which just smells amazing! 😉




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