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Ok, I know this is a very stereotypical title for this week’s post and to be honest it should probably say: bad girl gone good!

Since this is a personal style blog I feel you guys should start to get to know me better, too. Here’s a blast from the past: I have been a skater girl – hell yes 😉 So of course I used to love bold, edgy and music inspired clothes. I would hardly take off my navy Converse and studded belt when I was younger. As I got older though, starting to leave the teen years behind (oh my gosh I must sound so old) my style changed but my love for alternative and electronic indie pop as well as my love for cozy and big varsity style jumpers with a message preserved. Having studied in Nottingham and London for over four years, the UK and all the friendships I made over there mean a lot to me. So anything british, be it fashion, music, food… tea of course just makes my heart beat faster.

I discovered UK streetstyle brand Honour over Glory a while ago through a friend, who modelled for them and I just love their unisex tees and hoodies. It’s a powerful and thought provoking name that motivates me, too. The idea of working hard and making the right choices in a respectful manner seems to fit for a brand that was established in 2009 and made its way up through word of mouth and fans on their various social media platforms. I love it so I wanted to honour it and share it with you – ha notice the play of words? 😉

So from bold and oversized tees to beanies to hoodies and phone cases – Honour over Glory is a cool brand with a message. I especially love the little cropped hoodie for girls only (one of the items not unisex) also because it perfectly goes with my high waist jeans! Go check them out here.

Shop the look:
Honour over Glory – Cropped Hoodie here
Honour over Glory – Neon Vest here


Photos by MyDarlingClementine








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