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Be my guest… At Gastwerk!

Hamburg is by far one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. It just ticks all of my boxes! Not only does it look too familiar with its London-like districts and very romantic with the little bridges, as well as modern and innovative with the newly built Hafen City – Hamburg is also super clean and the people are very friendly.

We spent the the weekend at the Gastwerk, Hamburg’s first design hotel. I immediately fell in love with the loft character of the hotel. The former gas plant has been renovated but the historical brick building has not lost any of its charm. Inside we were greeted by a stylish atmosphere that was underlined by colourful lighting, a motorbike right by the entrance and beautiful, modern and hip furniture. If you are into home interior like I am this hotel is a must.

We took one of the larger rooms on the ground floor and enjoyed a spacious design oriented room, including a lovely bathroom with waterfall shower. I think I actually showered for about an hour long 😉

As we wanted to explore the city we actually skipped the hotel breakfast – but I can assure you, it looked delicious – and went to Alpenkantine, a little self-service coffee bar not far away. I think the picture speaks for itself… I had a lemon, blueberry tart and scrambled eggs to get me started for the day. I can definitely recommend this place to anyone loving a bit of a hipster breakfast.

Our main highlight was a trip to „The Lion King“ musical that we reached by boat. The actual show was amazing and I even cried a little when Simba was born… 😉

Hamburg meine Perle… xoxo








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